Correct Golf Stance And Golf Grip Tip

Bobby Eldridge, “The Simple Golf Swing”, talks about the correct golf stance and golf grip tip.

PurePoint Golf Instruction – Stance and Ball Flight – Golf Grip Instruction

I’m going to talk with you about how to draw the golf ball, hook the golf ball, or fade or slice the golf ball on purpose.

That way, the next time you go play, if you have a dogleg right or a dogleg left, or the wind’s blowing from the left or wind’s blowing from the right, you’ll be able to curve the golf ball that will be beneficial towards you.

Let’s say I’m going to play a hole that has a big dogleg to the left, and I think that I can get it out and around the corner. I’m going to give you a couple of ideas on how to draw the golf ball.

After you go through your routine, make sure that you aim the golf ball further right than normal, than you’re used to.

The second thing is I’m going to give you some golf grip instruction. You should turn your grip a little bit to the right. This will encourage the face to curve over.

And lastly, make sure that you’re aiming with your shoulders, knees and hips to the right. And if you’d like to and you feel comfortable, you can put the right foot back a little bit.

This will encourage the golf club to swing a little bit more underneath you from the inside.

Now let me give you a little bit of information on how to make the golf ball fade.

After you’ve gone through your routine and you’ve aimed down the left side of the fairway, another golf trip instruction is to make sure that before you draw the golf club back that you turn your grip to the left a little bit. And this will delay the face from closing opposite of the draw, and the face will return more open than it will square or closed. And then swing away and that will help the golf ball fade.

Now let’s spend a minute correcting a hook. If you’ve been struggling, really hooking a lot of your tee shots, all you have to do is check your grip. The golf grip instruction is to make sure that it’s over to the left a little bit and that will encourage the face to stay open.

If you’ve been slicing the ball, make sure you turn your grip a little bit further to the right, and that will help the golf club close and bring the ball back to center instead of slicing so much.

Try that the next time out and see how it works.

Bobby Eldridge is the Head Instructor for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory.

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Classic Golf Tips

Here is some very good advice when talking about classic golf tips from Jack Moorehouse creator of  “How To Break 80”.Jack has a point. I think a famous golf instructor once said something to the effect to not take the whole aspirin bottle when one or two will do just fine.

How To break 80

Here`s Jack`s broader point…

Classic Golf Tips

Don’t Overdo These Four Classic Golf TipsGolf tips become classics for a reason. They provide an especially good way of capturing a key fundamental, whether it’s a swing adjustment or a course management tip. A classic tip that many golfers follow is “Don’t aim into trouble.” Aiming away from trouble saves strokes. Keeping these classic golf tips in mind when you practice or play is good for your game and your golf handicap. But sometimes we overdo them. When we do, it leads to trouble. It can also lead to back pain. So you need to be careful with them. Below we dis-cuss four classic golf tips that taken too far cause trouble.Keep Your Head StillThis is probably the most popular of all “overdone” golf tips. This advice is generally given to players who pull up and top the ball. While you hear it a lot from players on the course, you don’t hear it in golf lessons. Why—because taken too far it’s bad advice. Keeping your head locked in place stops the body from turning toward the target. That in turn creates a cramped space for the arms on the follow through, spelling trouble. Instead, release your chin, sternum, and hips together. It’s a good thought going back, but after that forget it.

Turn Your Shoulders Not Your Hips

This common overdone tip is based on the idea that the more torque you create the farther you hit the ball. This idea is partly true. Based on our observations during our golf in-struction session, few golfers can complete a full torso turn while limiting hip turn. The rest of us just aren’t flexible enough. We can turn about 70 percent, and that’s it. If you want extra distance, you’re better off freeing your hips so you can turn your shoulders more. Like all the other golf tips discussed in this article, taken too far this advice leads to trouble.

Keep Your Legs Still On Chips

You want to keep your knees still when chipping. But the thought of doing that can “freeze” you, causing you to mishit your chip. When you rely only on your hands to swing the club during a chip, you create a jerky motion that can lead to tons of missed chips. Every shot you make requires synchronization between the upper half of your body and the lower. Instead of keeping your hips still during your swing, let your hips rotate back slightly at the start, then rotate forward to allow your knees to face the target, just the way they teach it in golf instruction sessions. (Check our video gallery for a golf les-son on the fundamentals of chipping.)

 Stick Your Butt Out

This is a useful tip but going too far with it isn’t good, like all the rest. Posture is a critical component of a good golf swing. What’s the problem? If done in the wrong manner, it leads to an “S” posture, meaning you put too much curve in your lower spine. We see this a lot in golf instruction sessions with new players. An “S” shaped posture not only pre-vents pelvic mobility during the swing, it also leads to back pain. Make sure your posture is correct.

Below is an easy drill to help check your posture: Get into your stance. Then with one hand reach behind you and hold a club along your back. Make sure the shaft is in contact with your spine from your shoulder blades to your tailbone. Now check your setup. If there’s space to wiggle your fingers under the shaft, you have too much bend in your pos-ture and your butt is sticking out way too much.

Don’t over do these golf tips. Taken too far they result in mis-hits and bad shots, both of which can add strokes to your scores and your golf handicap.

Jack Moorehouse is the author of the best-selling book “How To Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros!”. He is NOT a golf pro, rather a working man that has helped thousands of golfers from all seven continents lower their handicaps quickly. His free weekly newsletter goes out to thousands of golfers worldwide and provides the latest golf tips, strategies, techniques and instruction on how to improve your golf game.

I hope this advice concerning classic golf tips helps you put these issues in perspective!

Choosing The Best Golf Balls

Would you like some help with choosing the best golf balls for your golf game?This golf tip is from Dave Nevogt, “The Simple Golf Swing”, and will help you with choosing the best golf ball for your game and for the right price!
Dave is recommending the Srixon AD 333. You can get them for about $20 per dozen, and he finds that they perform much better than other balls in that price range. If you want to upgrade, look into the Srixon UR-X. Srixon makes the best balls available today, and many of the tour players (Vijay Singh, Jim Furuk, Robert Allenby, Henrik Stenson, Karrie Webb, Laura Davies, Boo Weekly and more) use them.They are top notch, and if you haven’t tried them, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with their performance. The UR-X is very comparable to the Titleist Pro V1.

How the Srixon AD 333 compares: This ball promotes a high launch angle and penetrating trajectory for greater distance.  The strong piercing ball flight produces a more shallow descent for greater carry and roll.  The added benefit of the superior soft feel provides pinpoint control.

Srixon AD 333 Overview: The AD333 features a revolutionary cover formulation, new core construction and new aerodynamics, while maintaining the same feel and playability that have made it a course favorite for years.  Srixon’s solid-core standard of excellence has never been more apparent.  The core’s soft compression suits a wide range of golfers that possess average to moderate swing speed and provides the ability to maximize their distance potential.


The AD333 became the number one two piece ball in the UK market because people are hitting it longer and straighter.

I hope this helps you with choosing the best golf balls.

David Nevogt is the author of “The Simple Golf Swing” which guarantees to have you shooting 7 strokes lower in only 1 week from today. His golf teachings have helped over 220,000 golfers over the past 4 years.

Chipping Tips

Chipping Tips… real simple method to improve your chipping and lower your scores.

Today, we are going to visit with Bobby Eldridge, the head pro atPurePoint Golf.

Bobby has a short video, under 4 minutes, where he has some real easy and helpful chipping tips.

The most important thing in golf before hitting any shot is to have a plan for the shot and be totally committed to it. That is true even for chips.

Bobby has some easy chipping tips that you can incorporate into your game very easily. What Bobby suggests is that we use a three club system, 5, 7 and 9, and use the same chipping motion for each club. Varying the club used by the distance to the hole.

Bobby does a good job of explaining this chipping method and you should be able to pick it up with just a little practice.

As you know, the fastest way to lower your golf scores is to save more shots around the green! These chipping tips will help you lower your golf score quickly and make golf a lot more fun.

Watch the video…I think you`ll like it.

Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set

Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set… Callaway has created a new forged iron that gives you both distance an performance. They have made a thinner face for greater ball speed (see video for full description below). It looks like Callaway has another winner!

Here`s what Golf Digest had to say:

“When you dare to put the Apex name on an iron, you better bring your A-game. Callaway does this with touches like tungsten plugs in the sole of the long irons that produce a low Center of Gravity (CG) and a lightweight steel shaft. This is an iron with plenty of game-improvement for those who need it.” – Golf Digest

Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set

Product Description

Conventional wisdom has been that you can’t have extreme, radical performance in a forged iron. Conventional wisdom couldn’t be more wrong. Behold, X HOT distance in a forged iron.


  • Ultra Hot Face: Thin 455 Carpenter Steel Face Insert increases ball speeds 1mph to 2mph for more distance
  • Tungsten Sole Inserts: Tungsten weighted inserts in the sole of the long irons produce a lower CG, higher launch angels and maximum forgiveness
  • Forged Carbon Steel Body: 1020 Forged Carbon Steel body delivers soft responsive feel
  • High Performance Wide Groove: New high performance wide space groove delivers more consistent spin from a variety of lies
  • Premium Shaft Offerings: New True Temper XP95 steel shaft offering delivers high launch angles

Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set 4.2 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.Callaway Golf Products $1,421.88

Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set

Let me know what you think of the Callaway Men’s Apex Iron Set.Callaway Men’s Apex Golf Iron Set

Callaway X Hot Iron Set

X Hot: The New Standard in Distance

Born from Callaway complete performance, X Hot Irons have created the new standard in distance for the irons category, allowing golfers to hit a 7-iron where they used to hit a 6. Renowned accuracy is just the beginning with an undercut cavity and Speed Frame Face Technology that make the face hotter, especially on the low CG, and new feel management technology that promotes crisp, dynamic feel at higher ball speeds. Without question, these are the longest irons in golf.

Deep Undercut Cavity

Deep clubface/undercut cavity system enables engineers to precisely position the CG, increase face compliance and engineer the face of each individual iron to maximize ball speed.

Speed Frame Face

The Speed Frame Face maximizes ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. Technology borrowed from our drivers has actually been applied to these irons to produce the higher ball speeds and explosive distance that you’re looking for.

Feel Management Technology

This technology fine tunes sound while also providing crisp, dynamic feel and playability.

Speed Step 85 Shaft

Steel shaft is available in both regular and stiff flexes along with lightweight graphite options.

Deep Undercut CavitySpeed Frame Face


  • A combination of VFT and Hyperbolic Face Technology creates a larger sweet spot and increases ball speeds across the face for longer, more consistent distance
  • Deep clubface/undercut cavity system enables engineers to precisely position the CG, increase face compliance and engineer the face of each individual iron to maximize ball speed
  • Feel Management Technology; Produced through a dual material medallion that fine-tunes sound and promotes a crisp, dynamic feel at higher ball speeds
  • Speed Step 85 Lightweight Steel Shaft; Steel shaft is available in both regular and stiff flexes along with lightweight graphite options

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson… learn the seven things that all great golfers do and learn who you should copy and how to do it.Here`s a Wikipedia outline of Butch Harmon…Claude “Butch” Harmon, Jr. (born August 28, 1943) is an American golf instructor and former professional player. He is the son of 1948 Masters Tournament champion Claude Harmon, Sr. and has been in the golf industry since 1965.Harmon is best known for having been Tiger Woods’ golf coach from 1993 to 2004, though they have since gone their separate ways. In April 2007, it was announced that Harmon would start working with Phil Mickelson. He has also worked with other major champions such as Ernie Els, Stewart Cink, Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Fred Couples and Justin Leonard, and with younger stars such as Nick Watney, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Natalie Gulbis, and most recently Gary Woodland.

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson…

here`s an excerpt from the Golf Digest article…

7 Things All Great Players Do Here’s who you should copy—and how to do it

My time around great players started with my dad. He finished top 10 in 11 major championships and won the Masters in 1948. His closest friend was Ben Hogan. When they’d play practice rounds together, I’d tag along silently, asking a million questions afterward. My clearest memory of Mr. Hogan is how he could control his ball. He always left it in the right place, even when he missed. And he could control it through the air like nobody–high, low, draw, fade. It was incredible to watch. One day my dad asked me to play with him and Mr. Hogan. By then I was a know-it-all teenager, and I got all the way to the first tee before my nerves took over. I remember standing over that first shot: I was wearing a visor, and on my last look down the fairway I saw a pair of golf shoes out of the corner of my left eye. Mr. Hogan’s shoes. All those years watching him, and now he was watching me. I flared it right and didn’t settle down until he threw his arm around me a few holes later. Great players have a huge effect on us, because they excel at something we love to do. Here I’ll show you what I’ve learned from some of the top players I’ve coached. Some are things we worked on together; others, just like Mr. Hogan’s ball control, are things I simply marveled at. I’m sure these lessons can help you play better.

Read More at Golf Digest

Here`s a short video from Butch Harmon on how to hit from tight lies.

Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder … Wow… It does everything but hit the shot for you. No more guess work. Accurate to +/- one yard, only if our shot making were that accurate. The bushnell tour v3 rangefinder really does set the standard. Enjoy the review!

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Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder The Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder features award-winning PinSeeker with JOLT technology that provides the golfer short vibrating bursts to confirm PinSeeker is activated and the laser is locked onto the flag. JOLT technology eliminates all doubt, so with that and with its new ergonomic design, the Tour v3 sets the standard for being the complete laser rangefinder package – design, performance and feel. Additional features: 5x magnification (objects appear 5x closer) 5 yards to 1,000 yards ranging performance (300+ yards to a flag) Ergonomic design and rubber grip provide stability Accuracy to within one yard PinSeeker Technology with JOLT Technology to zero-in on the flag Rainproof construction 3-volt battery and premium carry case included Posi-Thread battery door Legal for tournament play Two-year warrantyBushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder out of 5 based on ratings.Products Rangefinder

Golf SwiGolf Swing Tipsng Tips-Easiest Golf Swing…

Watch 60-year old British Pro, Brian Sparks, showing you how to swing the club with consummate ease.

He shows how you can play without all that debilitating technical stuff which only gets in the way. Learn more by getting a copy of his book or e-book, “Positive Impact Golf,” at Amazon.

Every golfer should read this book if they would like to reduce the level of difficulty and play a more comfortable and enjoyable game!

Golf Swing Tips-Easiest Golf Swing

Here`s where you can find the Kindle version of the book, “Positive Impact Golf” at Amazon with a short description.

This is the golf book anyone who plays the game must read. It will declutter your mind and free you to develop your own potential at whatever level you play, weekend amateur through to young aspiring tour player.

Brian Sparks, a British PGA Pro since 1967, helps you to demystify all of the standard golfing jargon and show you how easily you can swing a golf club and hit a ball. This book is the natural antidote to the over-complex, mechanical way that most golf teachers now think you need to be able to improve. Scientific research now proves that this is not the way we learn.

After showing you the power of traditional misconceptions about the golf swing Brian goes on to give you simple advice about how to cope with the bad shots this game will always throw your way. It is easy to understand and will prove to be the best purchase you ever made for your game. Although essential reading for all golfers it is particularly valid for women and for any man in the senior division.

For you, it will take a lot of the unnecessary effort away from your game and leave you able to play 18 holes and go on to play another 9 with a smile on your face!