Golf Swing Tempo

Golf Swing Tempo… learn to add distance with increased swing speed

PurePoint Golf Instruction – Proper Golf Follow Through – Golf Swing Tempo

How many times have you stood in the middle of the fifth fairway at your local golf course and you always hit 9 iron from that little bush?

Or you always hit 7 wood from that little tiny tree on the side of the fairway, but today there’s just a little breeze in your face, or maybe the pin is in the back of the green? And you really don’t want to hit 8 iron and you really don’t want to hit 5 wood, but you’d like to hit the club you’re trying to hit a little bit further?

I want to give you a little tip, or a little pearl on how to hit it further by increasing your golf swing tempo, but I don’t want you to get hung up on the fact that it’s just for the driver. This can be for any club.

The next time you’re out, try this. Take a couple of practice swings. Warm up before you hit the ball, and then raise the club up in the air like you would a baseball bat.

If you can swing it in the air and increase your golf swing tempo, that’s 20% harder than I usually swing a golf club. Then put it down on the ground and do the same thing twice. Step up to the ball and give it a whack.

Now, if the truth were known and we went out and measured that 9 iron, I guarantee you that 9 iron went 10% further than my average 9 iron.

So, here it is. Make sure that just before you get ready to hit that you raise it in the air and increase your golf swing tempo a little bit faster than you normally would. Then put it on the ground and give it some swish. And then put it up to the ball and give it a whack.

Don’t forget, the further you hit it the more offline you might be.

So, if you’re looking to hit it a little bit further, try that practice session.

Bobby Eldridge is the Head Instructor for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory.

Golf Swing Stretching Tips

Helpful Golf Stretching Tips…

Below is a video of Mike Pedersen, Perform Better Golf, and his student Morrie.

Mike has put a series together that he calls… Monday`s With Morrie...where he is working with Morrie to improve his golf game.

Mike is working with Morrie in a 10 week golf swing transformation.

Morrie started out at a 33 handicap, driving the ball 155 yards. He’s dropped 12-14 strokes and is hitting it 15 yards further.

He has 2 replaced knees and is 67 years old.

In this video, Mike helps Morrie with his stretching and offers some really simple suggestions on how to increase his range of motion. By using some common training aids, Mike shows Morrie very clearly how he can gain some extra distance.

I hope you like the video. I know I enjoyed watching and picked a few new tips.

You can subscribe to the whole series and get Mike Pedersen`s stretching tips at…Perform Better Golf.

Golf Swing Secrets

Golf Swing Secrets… learn what the tour pros are thinking

How would you like to know the golf swing secrets of the pros? Haven`t you always wondered what the tour pro`s thought process is of the best golfers in the world. What are they doing different from me?

Maybe the difference between you being a good golfer and a great golfer is what`s going on between your ears. Dr.Bob Rotella, a highly regarded sports psychologist, has been working with golf tour pros for over 20 years. He has worked with Padraig Harrington, Ernie Els, David Toms, Nick Price and many more.

Dr. Rotella is one of the top sports psychologist in the world and now, through a program called Practice Like A Pro, you can learn the golf swing secrets of the best players in the world who have worked with Dr. Rotella. You can learn to use the mental part of the game to your advantage.

Through the series of DVDs at Practice Like A Pro you will become an insider into the golf swing secrets of the pros.

Golf Swing Faults

Golf Swing Faults… video gives quick solution to a common swing fault.

Here is a real short video, under 2 minutes, that reviews a common golf swing fault and an easy remedy.

This video will help you to correct a flaw that is very common in golf. The video will illustrate it better but the general theme of the flaw is what is commonly called coming up an out of the shot. If that`s confusing, then Bobby will explain it better in the video

After watching the video, I`m sure that you will recognize the swing fault. Almost all of us have been guilty of this fault and it`s almost always caused by some sort of hit anxiety.

Bobby Eldridge, head pro at PurePoint Golf, has a quick and easy solution to combat this common golf swing fault.

Golf Swing Exercises

Golf Swing Exercises … Video With Dumbbells

Mike Pedersen shows us how we can use dumbbells at home to build a powerful golf swing.
Great golf training exercise… no gym necessary!

Watch the video (2+ minutes)Watch this simple exercises like these to strengthen your core area.

Mike Pedersen, Golf Exercise trainer shows you how this golf tip to hit longer golf drives with a power golf swing rotation exercise and method will strengthen your core golf muscles for more speed, power and distance. Do it right in your own home for better golf.

Rotational strength and flexibility is a very effective approach to longer drives. Since the main motion in the golf swing is rotational, training your golf muscles specific to this rotation is a must.

This simple golf exercise is one of many from my instantly downloadable 3 Minutes For 30 Days Golf Swing Training ebook.

Golf Swing Basics-Learn To Hit A Fade

Here is a golf tip, that will help you play golf holes that dogleg to the right, with pin positions on the right hand side of the green and with other circumstance where it dictates that you move the golf ball to the right.

You are going to find yourself in many circumstances, during your golf round, where you best chance for success is to hit a fade. By hitting a fade, you will be able to help take trouble (water, bunkers, out of bounds etc) out of play or at least reduce the risk involved.

This golf tip will give you more control. You won`t get as much distance, unless you are riding the wind with your fade, but it allow you more control when control is more important than distance. Also, understanding how to hit a controlled fade might just help you with your slice!

Learn To Hit A Fade

1. Open Your Feet Position

In your normal golf set up, you would want to have your feet positioned parallel to your target line. Well, in setting up to hit a fade, your feet want to be pointed to the left (if you are right handed) with your right foot in front of your left foot.

2. Open Your Shoulders Position

You want to align your shoulders parallel to your open feet position. This open shoulder position will promote an outside in swing needed for a draw.

3. Aim To The Left Of Your Intended Target

Your golf ball is going to move right (if you are right handed) so you must aim left of the intended target to get the desired results.

4. Open The Club Face

When you are making contact with the golf ball you want to impart a slice spin on the golf ball and this is helped along by having an open club face. You will have to use the practice range to determine how much you want to have your club face open. Obviously, the more you open the clubface the more the golf ball will fade or slice.

5. Make Sure You Have A Weak Grip

A weak golf grip is when the Vs on your right and left hand are pointing toward the center of your body. In general, you want your hands to be positioned to prevent roll your right forearm to roll over your left when completing your golf swing. In short, you want to keep the club face open through impact.

6. Swing Along The Plane Of Your Open Set Up

OK, your feet and shoulders are pointing left. So, we want to complete our golf swing along that same plane. This set up position promotes an outside in golf swing which in turn promotes the fade.

7. Do Not Let The Clubhead Release

Everything is all set up for you, you are positioned to the right, you have a weak grip, you have the right swing plane. Now, what you need to remember to do is not to release the clubhead.

Take these seven (7) steps to the practice range and see how the golf ball reacts to this different golf set up and swing path. With practice, you will be able to learn to be able to fade or slice the golf ball a little or a lot and be able to use it during your golf round as situations arise. It will help you to be a more well rounded and better golfer.

Golf Swing Basics

Golf Swing Basics… hottest new golf swing theory

The hottest trend in new golf swings is the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing. It was was developed by Andy Plumber and Mike Bennett, experienced golf swing teachers. They have put together a golf swing dvd series that explains in detail their Stack and Tilt theory.

Developed after 20 years of research by swing teachers Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, Stack And Tilt is a revolutionary golf swing that keeps your weight stacked over the ball for pure contact shot after shot. They have had real success with touring pros like Mike Weir, Aaron Baddeley
and over 20 other touring pros.

Features and Benefits of the Stack And Tilt Golf Swing

* INCLUDES Mike and Andy’s Short Game DVD as a FREE BONUS
* Improves Swing Plane, Grip, Posture, Alignment, Ball position, Tempo
* Comprehensive and organized – making it easy to follow
* Gives step-by-step direction
* Shows the fundamentals of the Stack & Tilt swing
* Includes in-depth analysis, including…

  1. Setup
  2. Backswing
  3. Downswing
  4. Follow-thru

This is the newest golf swing theory in golf today. Andy and Mike are having great success with their golf swing dvd series.

Golf Swing Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis… here is a golf tip from golf instructor Peter Norwood. It`s simple yet so true.Peter suggests that we “play golf” not “play golf swing”. He is so right. Most us get so rapped up in the golf swing analysis that we forget what we are actually doing.

Below is Peter`s bio plus an excerpt from his play golf vs play golf swing article.

Peter Norwood has developed one of the strongest teaching backgrounds in the country. Peter traveled the United States for a decade working and learning under many of the best instructors in the world. Peter developed his knowledge for the game of golf in the same manner as other experts develop knowledge in their fields. His knowledge comes from learning under top experts in his field and from years researching and studying top golfers.

Golf Swing Analysis?

Many individuals becoming so immersed in technique I would describe them as playing golf swing instead of playing golf. Let me stress one point right off the bat, great golf scores are shot by playing golf, not by playing golf swing. Remember this, don’t ever forget it. Golf is scored by getting the golf ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible; it is not scored by how beautiful your technique appears. It is not Olympic aerobics. It is golf. Swing thoughts are thoughts in golfers’ minds while making golf swings. These thoughts vary among golfers; vary in the type of thought, the complexity of thought, and the number of thoughts. I never know what is going to come from golfers’ mouths when I ask them, “What are you currently thinking about when hitting shots?” I have heard golfers say anything from “absolutely nothing” to rattling off 4 or 5 of technical thoughts at once. Before I say anything else, let me reiterate this point, great golf scores are shot by golfers playing golf, not playing golf swing. The best golfers use simple and basic feels, but I assure you, complex thoughts are rare among the world’s best. It is even better on the course to have zero thoughts about the swing, playing using simple visualizations and feels, and embracing your tendencies on that particular day. This being said, there will be times when a swing thought is necessary, this is also a part of golf.

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Golf Stretching Exercises

Golf Stretching Exercises… how to get ready for your golf round in under five minutes.

Here is Mike Pedersen, Perform Better Golf, going through some real simple golf stretching exercises.

Warming up before you play or even start to hit practice balls is very important for a couple of reasons. It will prevent your from pulling or straining a muscle and it will allow to start playing with a full range of motion to complete the full golf swing. Wouldn`t it be nice to start your round with a par or birdie because your were ready to play.

In these drills, Mike shows you how to get your whole body warmed up for golf. These exercises are very simple and can be done in under 5 minutes. The total time of the video is less than 4 minutes.

I don`t know about you but I always knew it was important to do some stretching exercises before I started to play, or hit practice balls, and I always did. However, I never really knew the right way to do it. Well now, thanks to Mike, I do and you can too after watching the video. Mike gives you a plan for stretching that you can easily follow before each round of golf or practice session.