Best Golf Training Aids

Best Golf Training Aids… groove your swing the right wayThe Medicus swing training club has long been considered one of the best golf training aids.

What makes it one of the best golf training aids is that it gives you instant feedback if you have done something wrong in your golf swing. If you can swing the Medicus without it breaking down you know that you are grooving the correct golf swing.

The Medicus Driver is the most popular of the Medicus clubs. The Medicus Driver improves all aspects of your swing from the takeaway to downswing.

There are seven break points with the Medicus in your golf swing. The first break point is the “take away”.

Below, we have the developers of the Medicus discussing the first break point, the take away.

The video is under two minutes long and does a very nice job of explaining the proper take away and some of things that can go wrong. If you have not seen how the dual hinge system works, I think you will be impressed by how it can help you immediately. And, by the way, you can take the Medicus to the range and hit balls with it.

All of these features combined make the Medicus one of the best golf training aids.

Ben Hogan Golf Tips

Ben Hogan Golf Tips… there aren`t many, if any, golfers to learn the golf swing from than Ben Hogan.Before we get to Golf Digest, here`s a video preview of the Ben Hogan golf swing….

Here are three of nine Ben Hogan golf tips and a link below to the Golf Digest series outlining golf tips from Ben Hogan.

Ben Hogan Golf Tips

Ben Hogan’s nine major championships speak for themselves, but he also had an authoritative voice when it came to golf instruction.

Hogan wrote two books on the golf swing — “Power Golf” in 1948 and “Five Lessons” in 1957 — that are still sought after by golfers of all levels. Known for his meticulous practice habits, Hogan constantly worked on trying to perfect his swing and these books were his outlet to share the knowledge he’d gained with the general public.

Along the way, Hogan’s lessons were sporadically published in Golf Digest as well. Here, we look back at some of these gems that are just as applicable today as when he doled them out.


Accelerate Through Impact

Hogan: swing action credit: Golf Digest Resource Center


In an article on how to hit the ball farther, Hogan emphasized acceleration on the downswing, but more through following a certain sequence of movements than by merely trying to swing hard. Hogan believed following the proper chain of events (hips, then shoulders, then arms and hands) built up more energy. Once you start from the top in that particular order, he said to “execute the remainder of the downswing with gradually increasing tempo” so that the club is traveling its fastest just after impact.


Think Low Around The Greens


When possible, Hogan preferred to play low chip/pitch shots with spin, since he felt they were easier to control. To do this, he instructed golfers to keep their hands in front of the ball and low through impact. He said to keep actual hand movement to a minimum in order to avoid trying to scoop the ball.3)

Ben Hogan proper weight shift


Hogan thought one of the amateur golfer’s most-common flaws is that they hit the ground before hitting the ball when using their irons. To hit down on the ball properly, he suggested golfers focus on shifting their weight to their front side on the downswing. That move will keep a person from feeling like they are falling back at impact, and it help ensures a golfer will “take turf” after making contact with the ball.

Approach Shots In Golf

Here is a golf lesson  on approach shots in golf from Dave Nevogt of “Simple Golf Swing”.

This lesson is entitled “Approach Shots: What it takes to Master Them.”

Basically, your approach shot is your shot onto the green. One of the things I like to say is this, “You know your game is improving when you start fixing more ball marks on the green” – most likely meaning that you hit it on your approach, which is your objective.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind, and then we’ll get to the heart of this article.
Aim for the middle of the green, not the flag. Pin placements and greens are getting tougher to stick all the time. Don’t be a sucker and go for a pin that you’ll most likely miss, which will leave you in a bunker or some other position which will add strokes to your round.

Focus on alignment, not distance.

As you know, it’s not an easy task to master the approach shot, but there are some ways in which you can drastically improve the accuracy of the shot. Alignment is the key to improving your approach shots. Most golfers don’t practice their alignment too much on the practice range, but they should.

Think about this for a minute. Generally, when you miss the green it is due to alignment, not distance. Chances are, you have your 160 yard club, 150, 140, 130, etc…

And if you hit a less than perfect shot, the ball may go a little further or a little shorter. But even if that happens, most greens are deep enough that you should be on the putting surface if you have selected the club that would leave you in the center of the green.

But…alignment is another story. If you pull the ball, more times than most you really pull the ball, correct?

When your alignment is off, it’s usually off by much more than 5-10 yards!

And if you push the ball, you generally are pushing it for much of the round, correct? Bunkers, water, and uneven lies are the obstacles you face.

How are you supposed to compete? The answer is simple. Practice your alignment.

Take your home course for example. I would be willing to bet there’s somewhere in the ball park of a 160-yard par 3 on the course. Now picture that hole. What happens if you’re 5-10 yards deep or shallow? You’re probably still okay, right?

But what happens if you go right or left? That shot, more than likely, has trouble written all over it.

Summary: Go to the range, and practice your alignment. Always hit to a target.

Approach shots in golf from David Nevogt… Simple Golf Swing.

How To Add Driving Distance

How To Add Driving Distance…

Here is an article in Golf Digest by noted golf instructor Rick Smith on his thoughts on adding driver distance.

In studying golf’s longest drivers, I found that everyone from Jack Nicklaus in his heyday to Phil Mickelson on the PGA Tour to Jamie Sadlowski in world long-drive competitions all have their own methods for booming it. But then I got to thinking, what if we took the different moves long-ball hitters make to produce powerful tee shots and combine them into one swing? Presto!

Introducing the Megadrive. It’s like that tee shot you hit by accident every once in a while that just goes and goes. Only with the Megadrive, you’ll know why you uncorked it. Assuming you want to pick up 25 or more yards, follow these three steps.

Pre-set a higher launch…

Tee the ball higher than normal. When you rest your driver on the ground, the top half of your ball should be above the top edge of the clubhead. And when you grip the club, your left hand should be rotated clockwise into a stronger position so the crease between your thumb and forefinger points at your right shoulder. Now address the ball so it’s in line with the heel of your front foot, and widen your stance until you feel a noticeable tilt away from the target. These adjustments will help you square the face and sweep the ball off the tee. Think: Stand wider, and tilt the shoulders.

Create more torque and leverage…

As you begin to take the club back, keep your arms really extended and start to hinge your wrists. This will give you a wider swing arc to create more clubhead speed on the way down. Then let your left heel come off the ground. This will help you make a bigger turn and generate more torque. Finally, near the top, push that wrist hinge a little more, so the clubshaft points downward. This extreme wrist set will create a lot of leverage you can transfer into the ball. Think: Swing wide, let the left heel come up, then hinge more.

How To Add Driving Distance

Read more at Golf Digest

Hope these… how to add driving distance… golf tips helped!

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Amazing Golf Mind Review

As most of my subscribers and customers know, I don’t just recommend Golf products to line my pockets.

It’s very important to me that I provide you with objective reviews so that you can truly make the best decision for improving your golf game.

Sure, I do make money selling Golf products as an affiliate. But… I will only endorse something and put my name behind it if I am completely confident that the product lives up to, and/or exceeds, its stated values.

So what does that mean to you? It means I share my honest opinion with my customers so they can make an informed decision.

This week’s review is on a new mental golf training product called AmazingGolfMind.

When I was first asked to take a look at this site I was frankly a bit weary… because there are so many golf products out there, surely this one couldn’t do anything different.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the AmazingGolfMind mental audio program does something that, in my opinion, all golfers who want to lower their score need. Basically it does the following:

1) Puts you into a relaxed stated using brain wave techniques

2) Programs your subconscious mind with the affirmations required to improve your full swing, short game, putting or success in tournaments.
Your Golf game is put on autopilot without thinking.

3) Is easy to use and required only 20 minutes three times a week to listening to a relaxing sound

4) The bonus visualisation software allows to improve your swing thoughts while working on your computer.

This concept makes a lot of sense because it is used by Tiger and the top tour pros. Tiger is said to use subliminal messages since he was 13.

Ok… lets talk about the audios.

Amazing golf mind comes with four subliminal mental audios: Full Swing, Short Game, Putting and Tournament Success. The audios are in MP3 format and can be downloaded within minutes to your PC. You can transfer them to your MP3 player, burn a CD or listen to them on your PC.

The bonus software runs on Windows PCs and is easy to install.

Overall the mental audio program is very good and does just what it says it does. Very relaxing and easy to use. Once again you need to have the discipline to listen to the audios 3-4 times a week. If you do it you will see results very quickly. And for me it’s much more convenient to listen to 20 minutes of relaxing music than reading 100 pages of a mental golf book.

So in conclusion if you want to automate your Golf game and put it on autopilot without thinking AmazingGolfMind is a very effective system to lower your score and feeling more relaxed.

Check out the free video here… Amazing Golf Mind