Perfect Golf Posture

Perfect Golf Posture… staying in proper posture through the golf swing.

Today, we have some golf posture tips from Mike Pedersen, PerformBetter Golf.

If you have been following, you know that Mike is a golf fitness expert and has developed a series of dvds on the golf fitness subject.

In this short video, just over two minutes, Mike provides golf posture help in the area of staying in a good golf posture position from the set up to the back swing and through the complete swing. Mike explains the problem that most of us have with staying in the proper position throughout the complete.

As Mike explains, in his video, most of us do not have strong enough hamstrings to get into the right position and stay there. He offers help with some simple exercises to strengthen our hamstrings. Practicing these exercise a few times per week (good winter exercise) will help our golf posture.

These are some simple exercises that can improve our golf swings immediately.

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Perfect Golf Swing

Most every golfer is in pursuit of the “perfect golf swing”. Well, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is most of us are unable to physically produce the “perfect golf swing” time after time, even if there is a perfect golf swing. The good news is that there is a method called the “Simple Golf Swing” that will allow “everyone”, whether they are a high or low handicapper, to build a simple golf swing to improve their golf game significantly and immediately!

The best part is that, since this is a system, you will be able to pick up your golf club, and if you follow the advice given, you’ll be hitting crisp, solid shots with great accuracy. You’ll have a completely new swing, and it will be simple and repeatable.

There are only 5 steps to “The Simple Golf Swing”. After you have learned and practiced each one of them, you’ll be hitting great shots… five (5) steps – that’s it. The five (5) fundamentals that will transform your game.

Here are the five (5) fundementals:

(1)The Set Up: The process for “setting up” a simple golf swing puts you in a position to go through the five steps of the golf swing, and come back to the starting position with power and control. The
combination of power and control is what every golfer strives for, and it all starts with a sound and repeatable set-up.

(2)The Mechanics of the Setup: The “Simple Golf Swing” methods to building a repeatable golf swing.

(3)The Grip: It’s important that you realize that your grip will affect the results that you get.

(3)Alignment: Good alignment will come with practice. “The Simple Golf Swing” system will dramatically improve your alignment.

(5)Timing: Most books on golf instruction go into great detail trying to describe the aspect of timing and transition. “Simple Golf Swing” does not do that because they are writing the book to simplify your swing, not complicate it.

There they are… the five (5) fundementals of the “Simple Golf Swing”. I can personally attest that The Simple Golf Swing will help you to build a repeatable golf swing. I am a student of the Simple Golf Swing and have that it has given me a foundation to create a golf swing swing that I can repeat.

I have been a low handicap golfer for a long time… way too long… and this system has given me a plan for completing the entire golf swing from start to finish.

Obviously, having a plan is a good thing and has allowed me… and will do the same for you… to improve my golf game by keeping my swing consistent.

Needless to say, I personally endorse the “Simple Golf Swing”. It may not give you the perfect golf swing but it will give you a fundementally sound… repeatable… golf swing that will make you ecstatic and your playing partners jealous.

Inside Golf Swing Plus

The purpose of Golf Swing is to provide you with golf swing tips that help you play better golf… in addition… it will show you how to own your golf equipment without breaking the bank!

In summary, Golf Swing will provide you with information on improving your full golf swing,your total golf game, custom club building and how to buy golf equipment at deep discounts.

Most of our information is going to come from a few main golf resources.

See golf resources below:

Golf Game Improvement:

Simple Golf Swing… learn the golf swing the simple way. I have rebuilt my golf swing around the “Simple Golf Swing” principles and after playing golf for many years it has allowed me to have a golf swing I can call my own! “Simple Golf Swing” will help anyone from a low handicap golfer to a brand new beginner.

With “Simple Golf Swing”, you will learn how golfers drop 7-10 strokes in two (2) weeks by using “The Simple Golf Swing System”.


PurePoint Golf...#1 Online Golf Instruction Resource… all the golf instruction you need from full swing to short game.

PurePoint Golf instruction promise… We guarantee to lower your score. To help you hit the ball further and more consistently than ever before. And to have you playing better golf than you ever dreamed possible.

Custom Made Golf Clubs:

GigaGolf …. Custom Made Golf Clubs… Save 50-70% Online (I own them and couldn`t be happier… I saved 70% and have tour/major brand quality clubs)

Discount Golf:

3balls Golf… Cool Golf Stuff… Great Buys…New…Used and Memorable (I just purchased a $400 driver for $70… used but like new… and working quite nicely thank you! )… New deals available daily… specializing in used and like new branded golf equipment.


These sources should provide us with an abundance of ideas and products that will help you to play better golf.

Be sure to come back to Golf Swing often as we continue to add new helpful golfing tips and opportunities to buy golf equipment with massive savings.

Golf Swing looks forward to sharing golf swing tips and more with you.

OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

From the Manufacturer:

OptiShot Golf Simulator is the world’s #1. The OptiShot Golf Simulator unites award-winning technology with ease of use. It’s compact enough to fit in a briefcase, yet sophisticated enough to produce results.

Designed to work with every club in your bag, it requires no big set-up or big expense. In fact, with an OptiShot Golf Simulator all you need is space enough to swing your clubs and a desire to improve. With that, you’ll lower your scores. Guaranteed.

Improves your swings. Daily.

* Sets up quickly and easily in small spaces

* Play with up to 4 people

* Hit every shot from tee to green

* Instant visual feedback and results

* Ultra high-def graphics

* Practice with state-of-the-art accuracy

* See your shot patterns

* Practice, play, swing from any point on the track

* All on legendary world-famous replicated courses

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

DancinDogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator feature:Play replications of some of the world’s most famous golf courses like Torrey Pines and Big Horn Golf16 advanced infrared optical sensors accurately measure your club through the impact zone capturing shot impact conditionsGives you all the information you need, including distance to the pin, elevation details, wind speed and directionIncludes overhead map, shot tracer, putting grid, flag marker, automatic flyby, keyboard shortcuts, multiple camera viewsUpdated 3DD golf software will automatically add itself to your library of available places to playTrue Simulation technology uses highly scientific methods to capture impact dataResults are relayed to the player in real-time in a visual displayPlay with up to four players and use your own clubsHit all shots from the tee to the greenEnjoy the option of putting yourself or choosing auto-puttInfrared sensors measure: club head speed, face angle, swing path, toe/center/heel face contact, and give feedback of each shotSettings accommodate right and left handed golfers

Online Golf Putting Lesson

Online Golf Putting Lesson

Here is real handy and short … under two minutes … online golf putting lesson from Bobby Eldridge, head pro at PurePoint Golf.

In the video, Bobby explains the importance of keeping your shoulders square ,parallel, to your target line in your putting stance. Bobby also explains the affect of having your shoulders open or closed.

Not having your shoulders square can lead to pushes or pulls, as you will see in the video.

After watching the video, you probably will be able to pick some little flaws in your putting set up and, with Bobby`s help, be able to correct them easily.

Bobby always does a good job of explaining why you are doing things in your golf swing, chipping, putting etc and not just dictating that “this is the way that it is done”. He provides real sound logic as to why problems will occur if you don`t get set up properly.

Get more great online golf putting lessons at …

Online Golf Lesson

Here is a helpful online golf lesson from Dave Nevogt at “The Simple Golf Swing”.This week’s lesson is entitled, “How to Get out of a Bunker with a Buried Lie.”

This lesson could really help you out in a situation where a buried lie could potentially add a few
unneeded strokes to your round.

This is one of the most feared shots in all of golf by the amateur.

Why? Because it looks so intimidating when you can barely see your ball, but it doesn’t need to be that way. You will be hitting great shots and impressing your friends when you follow these steps!

Let’s say that you just don’t have a “fried egg” (where 50% of the ball is buried) but only the very top of the ball is visible. What do you do? Follow these steps and you’ll be able to hit any lie that you have in a bunker.

Here’s what you do:

1. Choke down on the golf club, about in the same position as a normal bunker shot (1-2 inches from the bottom of the grip).

2. Take your normal stance, however open it up a little bit.

3. The majority of your weight should be on your front foot .

4. Close your clubface and press your hands forward just a little (this will ensure you to drive the ball out of the sand).

5. Keep your lower body still! This is so important, especially
in this shot!

6. Just like a normal bunker shot take a steep backswing so that the butt of the club is pointed at the ball. *Remember that your left arm is going to lead this shot and will be completely parallel with the ground. Your right elbow is in the locked position.

7. When you start your downswing do not shift your weight – keep the majority of your weight on your front foot.

8. So once you’ve started your steep downswing hit about 2 inches behind the ball. This is very important because if you try and hit the ball first you’ll just drive it back into the sand. By hitting 2 inches behind the sand will actually lift the ball out your clubface really doesn’t even touch the golf ball. *Remember it’s very important to keep your clubface closed so that is can drive the ball out!

9. Remember to swing through the sand and not stop once you’ve hit the sand.

10. Keep your angle steep throughout the shot.


At the practice bunker stomp a few balls almost completely submerged (make sure you can only see a little of the ball.
This will give you so much confidence because this only happens in a small percentage of sand play. Focus on keeping your club face closed throughout your swing….I can’t stress this enough! Putting it all together in the bunker:

Normal bunker shot: square to slightly open clubface, evenly balanced weight or weight on back foot, steep/vertical backswing (lead with your left arm and keep your right elbow “locked” to its side), keep your entire lower body still – no weight shifting until you hit the sand.

Buried lie in bunker: slightly closed clubface, forward press your hand a little, majority of your weight on your front foot, steep/vertical backswing (lead with your left arm and keep your right elbow “locked” to its side), keep your entire lower body still.

There`s the online golf lesson… “How to Get out of a Bunker
with a Buried Lie”
 from Dave Nevogt at “The Simple Golf Swing”.


Ogio Grom Stand Bag… stylish and light weight. Excellent looking bag and quite functional with comfortable straps.

OGIO’s best selling golf bag several years running and meant for the golfer who likes to ride a majority of the time but still wants the option to walk offers all the OGIO favorite features, such as the Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP), Torq Strap, Ball Silo and SHOXX X4 full suspension dual carry strap for extreme comfort.

Golf Tips And Golf Product

Indoor or outdoor pro series sport net. Can be used for not only golf but baseball, soccer, tennis or any sport.

Indoors it looks like you will need at least an eight foot ceiling. The reviews say the ball returns very nicely. One person saying he only uses one ball. Could be perfect timing for winter and early spring practice

The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net is designed for the serious golfer. It can handle ball speeds in excess of 225 MPH and is the only golf net in the world that provides Automatic Ball Return.

The Pro Series also provides Instant Shot Feedback, 5 Min. Pushbutton Assembly, Multi-Sport use, can be used Indoors or Outside and is easily stored or transported in the provided duffle bag.

Pro Series Sport Net

The Net Return Pro Series net is designed for the serious athlete. The patented design enhances an athletes’ practice time, provides automatic ball return, multiple sport use (golf, soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse), 5 min. pushbutton assembly using the “Quick Color Connect System” and is easily transported and stored in the provided duffle bag (28 lbs). The Net Return can be used indoors or out, including backyards, garages, basements, patios, practice fields and home / away games. The Pro Series practice net is made of tubular aluminum, nylon pack cloth sleeve, heavyweight polyester net. The net stands 7′ 6″ tall, 8′ wide and 3′ 6″ deep and weighs only 28 lbs. The Net Return Pro Series is used by Major League Baseball, National Football League, PGA Tour, U.S. Military and Professional and Amateur athletes alike. “Turf Sold Separately”

Moe Norman Golf Instruction Review

Murray Irwin “Moe” Norman (July 10, 1929 – September 4, 2004) was a Canadian professional golfer. He was widely considered the best ball striker who ever lived. His accuracy, his ability to hit shot after shot perfectly straight, gave him the nickname “pipeline moe”.

Moe Norman golf instruction review… here`s a video of Moe`s golf swing. As you will see it is very different but got great results.

Moe Norman Golf Instruction Review

Below are some of Moe’s gems for hitting the ball with accuracy.

“Quiet hands through the swing. ‘Fingers are fast, fingers are fast, palms are calm, palms are calm.’ Moe said to hold the club in the palms of your hands, not in the fingers.

“Wide stance. He [keeps] his feet on the ground as long as possible, thereby ensuring the clubhead will travel as far along the line as possible and not turn over. Moe wants the sensation of the ball on the clubhead all the way through impact. His feet roll, but they do not lift.” Schiffman’s note: This reminds me of what Jack Grout taught a young Jack Nicklaus. For the first year of Nicklaus’ golfing life, Grout had him roll his ankles back and through. Only later did he lift his left heel off the ground.

“Ball position. Moe plays the ball off his left heel because he’s thinking of tearing through it and down the target line. He puts the club 14 inches behind the ball.

“Downswing. Moe begins his downswing with a move of his left knee forward, still keeping his feet flat on the ground. His arms drop into the ‘slot,’ all of 21 inches, as Moe says. His knees separate as his left knee moves forward. He appears to be squatting slightly to the ball, as Sam Snead did. At the same time, he has created clubhead lag. “Impact. Moe creates an extremely long ‘flat spot’ at the bottom of his swing. Moe feels his hands are still square to the target 22 inches past the ball.”

Read More at Golf Digest

Moe Norman golf instruction review was definitely different but as we said before… he got great results!