Perfect Golf Posture

Perfect Golf Posture… staying in proper posture through the golf swing.

Today, we have some golf posture tips from Mike Pedersen, PerformBetter Golf.

If you have been following, you know that Mike is a golf fitness expert and has developed a series of dvds on the golf fitness subject.

In this short video, just over two minutes, Mike provides golf posture help in the area of staying in a good golf posture position from the set up to the back swing and through the complete swing. Mike explains the problem that most of us have with staying in the proper position throughout the complete.

As Mike explains, in his video, most of us do not have strong enough hamstrings to get into the right position and stay there. He offers help with some simple exercises to strengthen our hamstrings. Practicing these exercise a few times per week (good winter exercise) will help our golf posture.

These are some simple exercises that can improve our golf swings immediately.

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